Fairfield Pallet is known for recycling pallet materials that cannot be reused in the repair or remanufacturing process to manufacture mulch.  Fairfield Pallet made a number of changes to its operations in 2004, increasing automation. The company upgraded its operations with pallet sorting and dismantling equipment supplied by Smetco Inc.

At Fairfield Pallets, we use as much of each pallet as we possibly can. Once a pallet reaches the end of its life, we use its parts to make fully functional recycled and reclaimed pallets. We reclaim and re-use as much wood as possible from incoming pallets that cannot be repaired and we also create completely new pallets from un-used wood.

Fairfield Pallet’s recycling operations are now also equipped with a Smetco selective deck board remover. The machine can remove lead boards on both ends of the pallet. The bottom face of the pallet is presented to the machine first. The damaged deck board is removed and replaced with repair stock, and the pallet is turned over with a Smetco flipper on the line to make any needed repairs to the top deck.

Contact Fairfield Pallet to learn more about how we recycle pallets or read more about the process on the Pallet Enterprise website!